Monday, August 22, 2011

IT's Moving TIme

Well the Figueiredo's are moving the "lake House" our 5th wheel trailer from Lake Leon down to Lake Conroe!  Charlotte is Moving again? Right?  But it is a happy move, We have enjoyed the Lake but it has been over 100 degrees for almost 70 days and it is no longer possible for us to launch our Little 2 man boat, and we have family and many friends i the Houston, Conroe area and YEA my church FOTW.

Pete's son Chad is going to lease our Hurst house for a while so we don"t have to worry about selling it right now just emptying out all the 'Le Crap" that is there, OMGosh that means more moving for Charlotte.  WHO moved ALL of her stuff up here last year, but what a BLESSED Year it has been..  We will only be about 3 and  1/2 hours from the Hurst kiddo's so hopefully they will come visit us.  WE will be right at the Lake in Conroe, If you sit right behind our trailer you can see the Lake and we have not had that before. It is less than 100 yards from the lake and where we will be living, looks like a small RV HOME community.  Everyone has made porches and has grass yards and made it look very home.  Pete loves yard work so He will be a happy boy for quite a while.

I am not posting  this on facebook  just because this is for those special people in our life that we'd like to know we are coming back to town

luv n hugs

Charlee and Pere

Sunday, July 31, 2011


It is soooooooooooo hot!  How could I have moved from 200% humidity and 100 degree weather to 25% humidity and 108 degrees in the shade.  OH  that's right I fell in love and got married and moved in by choice.

WELL, LOVE THE MAN, Blessed with the marriage and not so happy about the HOT, FREAKEN  HOT!!!

Pete and I are going to be Great=Grand Parents in November, Christian and Michael are having a son, Connor Wayne Adams will be due around Thanksgiving/  They have just this week-end moved into their very first place together.  How many remember that very place first you had?  Was it tiny like mine?  Did you try to grocery shop at your parents house? Were handmedowns the greatest things ever? and OH the JOY of that first purchase made.

luv n hugs


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Where have I been?

Well Pete and I were taking caring of my very ill father.  Thanks for all of your prayers, his physical state is much better.

We have also tried to squeeze in a great deal of fishing.  Pete and my brother in law TIM fished a tournament on Lake Conroe and Pete won their entry fee back.  I caught a 5 # bass just for fun before the tournament.  That would have been a bigger money fish but hey. I'm just saying probably was. :)  Carol and Tim came up to the Lake house and we had a great few days after their daughter, Ashley graduated from Baylor, we celebrated with much margarita's and cards over their fortune returning. oh yes Pete and Tim fished some more, right?

Now we are back in Hurst, and Pete is going to be working for this whole week. May 30 thru June 3.   This is such a change as Pete and I usually spend 6 days a week together , 24/6 and he has only been working on Saturday's for a long while and we really like that schedule.  Who gave employee's vacations anyway?

So now we have my niece graduated from Baylor, Faith from 2nd grade and 2 concert piano recital's coming up for Madi and Mason.

Our First anniversary is coming up and where to go,  so many places on MY list and none of them on Pete's list :)

luv n hugs

Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fool it is indeed

So hope all have survived the First of April.  The Lord blessed me with NO incidents.  Christian and Michael came up for one night and the visit was too brief and then they were gone.  Christian starts work tomorrow at the local food bank in Conroe.  She has volunteered there for a long time --Now she will be a Paid employee  WOO HOO for "C"

Pete is actually working just one day a week and we seem to WANT to spend the rest of the time at the lake.  BUT My father has been really  ill and there were a couple of times we thought he was not going to make it .  Pete and I stayed in Sugarland for 3 weeks, fighting hospitals, doctors and the staff to just keep him alive.  Now I do believe that if it is God's will he will survive. But that is a story that will take days to type so not today.

We have been fishing this past week, well let me rephrase.  I was a great deck hand.  Pete was doing the catching and I apparently was just feeding the fish my minnows and putting his fish in the basket.  We are a great team. :))Finally got to go see Robin's store Mimosa Rose.  It is all I expected it to be and much more.

 Luv and hugs


Saturday, February 5, 2011

So much snow and cabin fever

OMG.  Snow since Monday and no temps even close to above freezing and since I do not know how to drive on ice, I've been home all week and on Thursday had chopped, cooked and made everything I possibly could make .  Pete apparently got the message and WOW we went for a trip to Walmart.  I have never been so excited to see other people and it felt like FREEDOM.  Sort of  like when you always had a car then its gone and you feel trapped but honestly you know you are not..  It is now Saturday day before Superbowl and it is going to be another week of this stuff.  Yesterday we got 7 more inches of snow it was very pretty to look at but keeps the cold in and they say more snow tomorrow during the superbowl.  that should make for fun .  Ok I should be drooling sometime next week.

luv n hugs

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Middle of January

Here we are in the middle of January and I'm hoping spring is close but probably not.  Saw Snow and teen degree weather this week.  Nice part was Christian was here to share with us . We have had a very nice week of granddaughter and Nannie time.  Have not had that for a long while with her.  Faith coming up this Friday for a fast trip of Nannie and Papa time but will get to see her also.  In March Stephanie and her family are coming up for Spring break.  That will be awesome for us to get time with Amy and Aric who are growing so much.  Hoping they will get to know Pete and want to come back and visit us.

luv n hugs


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy Happy New Year in case I actually missed someone.   I finally Did go Christmas shopping by myself and lived AND wrapped up all the presents.  Then trekked down to Conroe for a Repair the house trip and Christmas at my sisters.  WE broke tradition and had Mexican food and wow how easy was all of that - no hours  of Waiting for turkey and dressing to come together and everyone was really happy and got to actually visit and we had about 30 people there as usual but Nice to have Stephanie and her family with us and then  Pete for me :) We all went to Church Christmas eve with Steph and family, Rach and family and Pete and I and  so we have a nice picture of everyone squinting in the sun :))))). But a lovely picture still  First one of My Conroe Children with Pete so it is precious to me. Stephanie and Aaron really liked him and Amy and Aric - well they were warming up by the next day Christmas so - Thank you God for all my blessings.and all of my wonderful friends.

luv n hugs