Monday, August 22, 2011

IT's Moving TIme

Well the Figueiredo's are moving the "lake House" our 5th wheel trailer from Lake Leon down to Lake Conroe!  Charlotte is Moving again? Right?  But it is a happy move, We have enjoyed the Lake but it has been over 100 degrees for almost 70 days and it is no longer possible for us to launch our Little 2 man boat, and we have family and many friends i the Houston, Conroe area and YEA my church FOTW.

Pete's son Chad is going to lease our Hurst house for a while so we don"t have to worry about selling it right now just emptying out all the 'Le Crap" that is there, OMGosh that means more moving for Charlotte.  WHO moved ALL of her stuff up here last year, but what a BLESSED Year it has been..  We will only be about 3 and  1/2 hours from the Hurst kiddo's so hopefully they will come visit us.  WE will be right at the Lake in Conroe, If you sit right behind our trailer you can see the Lake and we have not had that before. It is less than 100 yards from the lake and where we will be living, looks like a small RV HOME community.  Everyone has made porches and has grass yards and made it look very home.  Pete loves yard work so He will be a happy boy for quite a while.

I am not posting  this on facebook  just because this is for those special people in our life that we'd like to know we are coming back to town

luv n hugs

Charlee and Pere

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